Friday, 22 April 2016

16/04/16 - The Inn Way to Yorkshire Dales - Summary

Distance of the Inn Way to Yorkshire Dales - 80.5 Miles
Days completed in - 6
Pubs Visited - 26
Geocaches - 14
Timeframe - 11/04/16 to 16/04/16

The Inn Way to the Yorkshire Dales is an out of print guide book to a walking route that takes in the best that the Yorkshire Dales can offer.

Fine routes through Wharfedale, Littondale, Raydale, Wensleydale, Swaledale and Coverdale and stops at various sized villages for lunch and evening meals/accommodation.  The only criteria for the stops are there has to be at least one pub.

And the pubs, hotels, food and beer were universally excellent.  Yorkshire takes hospitality very seriously.

As with all undertakings - there needs to be a roll of honour.

Best Walk - The Grassington Lead Mines on Day 6
Best Pub - The Buck Hotel, Reeth on Day 3 
Best Pint - Theaskston XB at the Buck Inn, Buckden on Day 1
Best Pie - Meat and Potato at the Bluebell Inn, Kettlewell on Day 5
Best Breakfast - The White Rose, Askrigg on Day 3

The walk provided a perfect opportunity to get away from it all and immerse myself in a week where the only thing to worry about was what time was lunch (usually liquid) and what sort of pie to order for tea.

Each leg of the walk has been detailed on a separate blog, available at the link;

Day 1 - Grassington to Cray
Day 2 - Cray to Askrigg
Day 3 - Askrigg to Reeth
Day 4 - Reeth to West Burton
Day 5 - West Burton to Kettlewell
Day 6 - Kettlewell to Grassington

Now the big adventure for 2016 has been completed, we need to look forward to 2017.  Fortunately, there are plenty of options.

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