Walks from Bathams Pubs

Bathams is the finest beer in the West Midlands.

Having walked from two of their tied pubs, I thought it might be a challenge to add the remainder to my ever growing list of goals.   And then I found some people that have walked to all of the West Midlands one in a single day.

How good is the walking going to be in the Black Country?  And Wales?

This page will grow as more are completed.

Walk 1 - The Vine, Brieley Hill - WalkLink

Our Spiritual Home
The Original
 Walk 2 - The Royal Exchange, Stourbridge - WalkLink

Royal Exchange
Nice Backstreet Boozer.

Walk 3 - The Swan, Chaddesley Corbett - WalkLink

The Swan at Chaddesley Corbett
Into the Countryside at Chaddesley

Walk 4 - The Plough and Harrow, Kinver - Walklink

The Plough and Harrow, Kinver
Only just noticed - there's a sort of colour scheme going on!
Walk 5  - The Plough, Shenstone - Walklink

The Plough, Shenstone
The Plough at Shenstone - Only one side in Corporate Colours
Walk 6  - The King Arthur, Hagley - Walklink

King Arthur, Hagley
King Arthur at Hagley - First to break away from Corporate Paint Scheme
Walk 7 - The Unicorn, Stourbridge - Walklink

The Unicorn
Unicorn, Stourbridge - Corporate Colours Restored
Walk 8 - The Lamp Tavern, Dudley - Walklink

The Lamp Tavern
Gem of a Pub - Gem of a Walk


  1. I'm so glad to found this blog! I will be trying all of these walks over the coming weeks!

  2. Have fun... I've got a few more to knock off!