Wednesday, 20 June 2018

20/06/18 - Bathams Pub Walk - The Unicorn, Stourbrige

Distance - 4 Miles
Geocaches - 3
Walk Inspiration - The Crystal Canal Walk
Other Walks from Bathams Pubs

The Unicorn sits a little further along the Bridgnorth road from the previously explored Royal Exchange.  My challenge was to find a suitable, yet different walk.

Last time, I went rural, with some surprising countryside around Norton.  Today, the Internet provided a fine urban walk that follows the Stourbridge Canal - nicknamed the Crystal Canal due to the the glassworks that line the tow path.

There's a choice to get there suggested start - you could catch the bus to Red House Glass Cone or walk along up Wollaston High Street and play count the dead pubs.   Along the repurposed boozers, I found Indian Restaurants, private houses, estate agents and even a garden centre. 

Use them or lose them people.

So Red House Glass Cone can mark the official start of the walk - one of only 4 left in the UK and the most complete example.  If you have time, there is a free museum to learn more.

Red House Glass Cone
Red House Glass Cone
Its here that the Canals are picked up.  Its starts industrial, but soon turns rather leafy as we take the Stourbridge Spur.

Wollaston Canal
Start of the Canal Walking
Stourbridge Canal
Gets leafy after the Wollaston Junction

The bonded warehouse marks the end of the canal walking - previously used to store high value goods like tea and tobacco.

Bond House
Bonded Warehouse
Half a mile of road walking to get back to the Unicorn.  No danger of this pub not being used.... Tuesday lunch time and there's not a spare table to found inside.

The Unicorn
Bathams Pub #7 out of 10 for Mappiman
The reason?  It might have something to do getting change back from a fiver for this lunch.

And I swear, the bitter just gets better and better.

Meal Deal - Bathams Style

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