Saturday, 23 June 2018

23/06/18 - The Chess Valley Walk

Distance - 10 Miles
Walk Inspiration
Geocaches - 8
Post Walk Refreshments - The Queens Head, Chesham, Fullers ESB

Without a doubt, linear routes connected by railway stations are presenting my favourite type of day walk.

This is a classic and a review of my Oyster account card should show that the 16 minute journey from Chesham to Rickmansworth cost only £1.60.

The walk back was free.

The Chess Valley walk follows the chalk bed Stream from almost the minute you leave Rickmansworth.  It's crystal clear, shallow and loved by both dogs and eaters of water cress.  All the historical details can be found by clicking the "Walk Inspiration" hyperlink above.

Here's the photos.

First Sign at Rickmansworth
First Signage at Scotsbridge

M25 Crossing
Crossing the M25
Dog Friendly
Dog Friendly Pools at Sarratt Bottom
Fields alongside the river
Occasional Fields with the stream out of view
The Pretty Cottages at Latimer
Nether Ditch
Timeless views at Nether Ditch
Could it be improved?  Well, there's no natural refreshment stops along the 10 miles.  The only civilisation is at Latimer, which is a collection of pretty cottages huddled around the memorial green and a church on the hill... publess, shopless and cafeless

If you're desperate, you can divert for less than half a mile for the Red Lion for Chenies.  Alternatively, keep following the Chess Valley signs and once in Chesham, you will be delivered to the Queens Head.  It's literally built over the stream.

Queens Head, Chesham
The Queens Head
And what a find - a lovely traditional pub that does a nice line in Thai food.   For the South East - this is now as traditional as pie and mash used to be.   I can only vouch for the quality of a tuna mayo sandwich and an extraordinary pint of Fullers ESB.

If I lived in Chesham, this would be my local.

Fullers ESB
10 Mile Reward

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