Sunday, 10 June 2018

10/06/18 - Heart of England Way - Stage 15 - Berkswell

Distance - 7.3 Miles
Geocaches - 1
Previous Stages - Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7Stage 8Stage 9Stage 10Stage 11Stage 12Stage 13, Stage 14

I've photographed Berkswell's church many times but never at 5:45am.

Berkswell Church
The reason for this ungodly, golden hour?  Child #2 needs an airport run.

This is a another chance to revisit many of the paths shared with the Millennium Way.  And they are worth revisiting.

Heart of England Way
Heart of England Way Lovliness
Heart of England Way
And My favourite part of the Millennium Way

Two minor issues with today's walk. 

1) Re-walking the same paths means that I have found the Geocaches.   A single smiley is added to the total today, with a previous find used to drop off a Travel Bug.

2) I'm obviously too early for the pubs.  The unspoiled and Good Beer Guide recommended Bull's Head at Barston is forsaken for an exploration of the Church Yard, noticing it's restored Medieval cross.

Barston's Medieval Cross
Religious Vandalism, Cromwell Style
Great paths of a similar style lead me back to Berkswell, with the peace only interrupted by the roar of the 7:26am Ryan Air to Warsaw.

Up, up and away, Junior Mappiman.

Up Up and Away
Of Course I waved to him

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