Saturday, 5 May 2018

05/05/18 - Worcesershire Beacon and the Wyche Inn

Distance - 4 Miles
Walk Inspiration - Pub Walks in the Malvern

The sort of day designed for the Malverns, with the reward of a CAMRA Good Beer Guide tick for post walk refreshment.  What could be nicer than getting up high for minimal effort and being rewarded with 360 degree views in the sunshine?

This couldn't be easier - park up at Beacon Road and make your own decision as to whether to pay £4.20 towards the upkeep of the Malverns or annoy the locals and park outside their cottages.

Head up Shire Ditch.  Look left for views across to Wales.  Look right for views over the Cotswolds and the Midlands.  Take a selfie when you are the highest people in Worcestershire.  Optional stop for tea and cake at St Anne's Well.  Work your way back to the pub for a CAMRA Tick.

Malvern Views
Middle Sections of the Malverns, Looking South
Highest in Worcestershire
Highest people in Worcestershire
Eastern Walk
Working our way back on the Eastern Flanks

The Wyche Inn is strategically close to the end of the walk.  11am Opening are a boon but the locals know all about it.  By 11:45am, we have the last outside table to soak up the sunshine in the way god intended.

Wyche Inn
Another day, another tick
Wye Valley HPA
Perfect HPA

All the action is outside but the blogging purposes, an internal explore is necessary.   Long thin interior.  Down the bottom is a twin pool table games room.  Middle section offers tables set for dining.  Rather too many signs telling me off for uncommitted crimes for my liking.   On the list of things I didn't plan on doing were;

  1. Bringing a wet dog into a areas that wasn't the games room
  2. Wearing muddy boots
  3. Consuming my own food or drinks 

Beer, as the picture shows was excellent.  Ploughman's lunch came with an unexpected boiled egg.

All was not lost to totalitarian signage.

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